A logical argument against abortion

Who am I writing this article for?

The purpose of this articule is to contribute in a meaningful way to the abortion debate. My goal is to share an anti-abortion argument founded in logical reasoning, not religious thinking. If you are the type of person that has so far only heard anti-abortion arguments based on the existence of a soul or some other religious belief, this article is for you.

The problem of belief in the abortion debate

If you are pro-abortion it's very likely that you are also non-religious.

From 0 to 1

Let's imagine the beggining of life as a line from 0 to 1. 0 being a point where we know for sure that life hasn't began, like the second right before the sperm cell enters the egg. On the other end we have 1, a point where we know for sure that life has began, like the moment when the newborn baby takes his first breath of fresh air.


Now let's imagine that we were to perform an abortion at 0. Because we've defined 0 as a point in time when life hasn't begun, there is no moral consequence in such an act. No life, no consequences.

Conversely if you were to perform an abortion at 1, you would, by definition, end the life of a human being.

Now that's all good and easy, but these cases don't really happen in real life. Let's explore what happens at other points in the life line.

Introducing P

Let's define P as the point between 0 and 1 where life begins. P could be anywhere. It could be really close to 0, it could be in the middle or it could be really close to 1. I don't really know where P is, but just by using logic we can conclude that such a point necessarily exists.

Now, just as performing an abortion at 0 is safe, so is performing an abortion at any point in time before P. Conversely, an abortion performed post P results in the loss of a human life.

One could argue that if we were scientifically advanced enough to calculate P with perfect precision we could end the abortion debate. Doctors would perform the necessary measurements and tell pacients if there is a risk of losing a life or not.

A closer look at P

Now remember, P is the point where life begins, so to be able to calculate P we first need to find a way to define

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