Don't wait for interview feedback, introspect instead.


You just finished your job interview. Everything went smooth. You made some small mistakes here and there, but overall you did pretty well. You think you'll get the job. A few weeks go by. You wake up one day with an unread email in your inbox. You just got that souless rejection email. Whoever wrote that letter had less compassion than ChatGPT.

"Thank you for applying, blah blah blah, you didn't get the job."

"But I did everything right. I gave all the right answers. why didn't I get the job?"

You ask for feedback. Another week passes by. You get some generic response. This is the third time you get useless feedback.

"How can I get a job if I don't know what I'm doing wrong?"

The feedback you don't want to hear

Here's some harsh but honest feedback: You are full of obvious imperfections. If your imperfections are not obvious to you, then that fact alone is one of your many obvious imperfections.

Most of your imperfections stem from a lack of doing what you know you should be doing. Waiting on good feedback is then, unnecesary.

The reason you haven't gotten that job is not because you don't get good feedback to improve on, it's because you haven't done the hard work of fixing what's obviously broken in your life. So stop waiting for feedback, stop reading and start fixing.

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